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CSR Report 2014 WIAR Workplace Performance
WIAR Workplace Performance has the ambition to work towards a complete and transparent sustainability report, which will help us to contribute to lowering the environmental impact of our business as well as the real estate & total facility management supply chain of our projects, products and services. It is our desire to concentrate our efforts on elements where we can positively encourage and influence participants in the supply chain. Our efforts are focused on performance, sustainability, cradle-to-cradle concepts, total cost of ownership, and the reduction of
the use of energy, water, and environmental emissions.

We thank you for your interest in the efforts of WIAR and appreciate you taking the time to review this report. We invite you to share your thoughts with us. We believe that together we can inspire people, refresh our environment, and create value to make a positive change, because we believe that everybody deserves an inspiring workplace.

With Kind Regards,
WIAR Workplace Performance

Ing. Robert Witvliet Msc MC
André F.M. Roessen

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