Workplace Strategy
Organizational Development & Workplace Transformation
It does happen often that a Corporate Real Estate project overlaps with an Organizational Development or that an organizational change requires an adjustment to the workplace strategy. There is nothing as tangible for employees then changing their workplace. Whether your are faced with an internal move, a new workplace or an entirely new premises, good guidance in these change processes is very important for the eventual impact and positive effects of the Workplace Transformation.

Each organization will ask themselves whether the current strategy, way of working and Office Plan are still appropriate for the future. Corporate Real Estate as well as interior design / furnishing can be an ideal catalyst of organizational changes!. Information technology and extensive digitization of the work processes are important issues to rethink the physical infrastructure of an organization, but eventually it is all about one central question, namely:

"Is our work environment fit for the future for our company?",

Does it:
1. Reflect Who we are (Corporate Identity);
2. Tell Why we are in the face of the world (Core Story);
3. Facilitate How we work (Working processes)
4. Suport What we want to achieve (Ambitions).

In collaboration with the client WIAR develops the change process along with appropriate interventions.
These interventions may include:

• Workplace Strategy;
• Workplace Performance;
• Workplace Concepts and New Ways of Working;
• Workplace Surveys;
• Workplace Quick Scans.

At WIAR we see your Workplace Transformation project as an integral changing process. WIAR has developed an unique method and evidence based integrated approach, in which both management and employees actively participate in shaping the new working environment and facilities. We are convinced that the Organization Developments shall go faster and further by working together with all stakeholders, management and staff. In this way the process is more sustainable with lasting changes and also leads to a higher level of engagement in the workplace and employee satisfaction. Depending on the assignment: We can provide you services like research, analysis, advice, design, workshops and imlementation support with specialized professional services taillor-made for your transformation proces. Through the efforts of the WIAR specialists the implementation of your Workplace Strategy, then will actually be launched, executed and delivered.
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