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Housing is the permanent business of the organization to the outside world and its own employees. WIAR specializes in translating your image and identity to a suitable housing (building and / or device). The key lies in conveying the right feeling to customers and staff by a pleasant environment in which it can be (together) worked. A good working optimally supports the primary process through the appropriate size, shape and function.

With a specific image WIAR research can provide insight into the current and desired look in terms of organization and housing. We can answer questions like:

• How can I change my accommodation so it is aligned to our Corporate Identity?
• How can I ensure my Corporate Identity is supported by my employees?
• How can my housing support my image?
• Is our current identity associative with how we want to be perceived ?

WIAR then translates the results in close collaboration with the client organization to a fully adequate housing concept has some support among end users and management. In a next step, a Technical Program of Requirements (SoR) and project which presented the construction and installation-technical issues are worked out and its movable and resources. The design is based on sleek design principles formulated within budget in the form of vendor independent contract documentation for all required vakdisiplines.

Products include offered from Design & Concepts:
• 3D Visualization
• Emergency Plans
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