WIAR | Workplace Performance

WIAR | Workplace Performance is an independent consulting and management firm that operates at the intersection of Organizational Development and Workplace Transformation.

With our team of dedicated professionals we are working for many renowned global corporate organizations. The performance of your organization is being influenced by many facets, correct office plans and related workplace facilities are important conditions to achieve excellent business performance.

In addition, organizations are often dynamic and continuously changing, while Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Strategy is being realized for a longer period (often 10-15 years). Office plans should therefore be based on a long term vision to develop a future-oriented workplace strategy, so that the organization is flexible over time and increase employee happiness without unnecessary financial risks.

WIAR has developed a unique method in which your people, workflow and the working environment will be strategically aligned. We are able to create the right conditions for your organization to come to a practical sustainable accomplishment, while the costs are reduced (significant lower). We, as workplace consultants and change managers, have years of experience in accompanying organizations, whereby the unique solutions often focus at the following:
  • Creating an inspiring work environment (New Ways of Working);
  • The lowering of housing costs (Total Cost of Ownership);
  • Flexibility of the organization;
  • Efficient and effective use of space;
  • Image & identity;
  • Sustainability & Innovation;
  • Training, coaching and support for great teams.
We are able to quickly create clear Vision and Workplace Strategy to define and to carry out an original and inspiring work environment. For each project, depending on the size and complexity, an integrated project team is composed with the right disciplines and expertise. You have a central point during the project who gives direction to the team, directs the project in outline and keeps an eye for the detail. We offer advice and support to your organization and workplace issues, together we translate them into a comprehensive and sustainable solutions.
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