Project Management

Your ambitions, goals and changes in organization and housing demand a specific knowledge and management attention. WIAR has experienced project managers who guide your project in a controlled manner within the asked framework. (Money, Organization, Time, Information, Quality).

WIAR will start with a project plan, in which all steps are identified and are plotted in time, money and quality.

The design process starts with choosing an office location. Things like accessibility, technical performance, appearance and operating costs will be mapped by WIAR through a market survey. On this basis there will be made a choice to stay in the current housing or move to a new housing.

Next the organization will be started regarding the furnishing. WIAR will proposed a structure with a project and depending on the size of the project a steering group. The working groups will provide information needed for the project.

To ensure that you get the desired design, we work together to map the requirements and wishes. This allows an (interior) architect to deliver a proposal for the layout and interior.

Once the design is finalized and approved by the client, the different parts of the interior will be contracted and assigned to suppliers and contractors. WIAR can fully support the design and preparation phase to ensure that the aspects of time, money, information, communication and quality is fully controlled. This gives you time to focus on your core business.

In the act of the realization all the activities will be aligned during the regular construction meetings and possible amendments to the draft will be discussed. On an agreed date, the work of the executive parties and delivered to the client WIAR makes sure that any remaining issues as quickly as possible be resolved by the parties involved. Throughout the whole implementation WIAR monitors the finance, quality and progress of the work for you.
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