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Every organization is unique and dynamically in motion, while the office accommodation is only adjusted once every 5-7 years. Workplace transformations require a clear vision of the future and a sustainable workplace strategy with which the organization supports its employees to get the best out of themselves, teams and departments.

The unique Workplace Performance Concept helps you to significantly increase productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

WIAR does this by realizing the project with an integrated approach from concept to aftercare.

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Products and services

Overview of some of our services:

  • Workplace Strategy
  • Housing advice
  • Workplace concepts
  • Design & interior design
  • Technical advice & design
  • Project Management
  • Tendering & Purchasing
  • Work preparation & Realization
  • Relocation management
  • Implementation facility services & Management

Workplace Strategy

Strategic Development:

Which workplace strategy is best for my organization?

  • Inventorize
  • Analyze
  • Develop
  • Plan

Workplace Design

Project Management:

Which interior design ensures optimum performance?

  • Requirements engineering
  • Conceptualize
  • Design
  • Visualize

Workplace Realisation

Contract Management:

How do I realize my ideal workplace on time and within budget?

  • Specifications & Drawings
  • Project tendering
  • Contracting
  • Realisation

Workplace Management

Total Facility Management:

Which workplace management is necessary to guarantee a safe and working environment compliant with acceptable operating costs?

  • Direct Solutions
  • Facilities Advice
  • Tendering
  • Managed Services

WIAR Products

Workplace Performance Check

One-time report
€200,- excl. VAT

Total Cost of Ownership Calculation

One-time product + one-time consultation
€250,- excl. VAT

Training Workplace Innovations & Sustainability

One-time training
€550,- excl. VAT

Workplace Performance

Vision: Communicative, creative and social skills are becoming more important than craft skills. 

To perform in a knowledge-intensive economy, a different work rhythm and a different work-life balance are necessary. That means a diversity of combinations of work, time and circumstances. It is likely that employees will increasingly work flexibly for more than one employer. That means extra variables for creating the ideal working environment.

Workplace Performance revolves around the dynamic balance between variables such as type of work, time, place, circumstances, return, satisfaction and meaning. The better the balance, the higher the performance in the workplace.

We want to achieve this through value creation, innovation and a focus on the needs of our customers, employees, partners and the communities in which we operate by exceeding their expectations.

The benefits of WIAR at a glance

  • Creating an inspiring work environment (HPO - High Performance Workplace);
  • Reducing housing costs (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership);
  • Making the organization more flexible (HNW 3.0 - The New Way of Working);
  • Efficient and effective use of space;
  • New impetus, image & identity;
  • CSV, CSR, Sustainability & Innovation (Economic & Environmental Performance);
  • Guiding organizations towards Workplace Performance & significant results.

Unprecedented Performance & Savings

with smart workplace concept

Developing a balanced workplace concept for your organization is tailor-made, with which exactly the right preconditions can be created for the different requirements and wishes of departments, teams and employees to get the best out of themselves.

In practice, the Performance improvement can even double in terms of productivity.

The accommodation budget of knowledge-intensive organizations is usually only 4-5% of the total budget, while personnel costs are often between 65-75%.

With an integral team of experts, we work on housing solutions for our customers in the Benelux, whereby we earn ourselves back at least 1x, but often multiple times by realizing performance improvements and at the same time significant cost reductions for the accommodation as a whole.

Everybody deserves an Inspiring Workplace

To strive for an optimal 'work balance', it is not necessarily necessary to achieve the ultimate achievable for each workplace variable. The balance of the whole (people, work and work environment) is more important.

The puzzle pieces must fit, the size of the puzzle does not matter.

This requires in-depth knowledge of these variables. What types of work can be distinguished? What influences do environmental factors and conditions have, such as light, sound, textures and ergonomics? What is inspiring and what distracts? How does the physical work environment work for multidisciplinary teams, where there are multiple experiences?

With knowledge of these workplace variables, the ideal balance for the given situation can be sought. Which ultimately leads to the design, realization and maintenance of the most ready solutions. Solutions that lead to an ideal work balance.

It is our mission to find and realize the ideal balance for every customer that leads to significantly higher performance in the workplace, or Workplace Performance.

Approach and Method

WIAR aanpak
WIAR aanpak
WIAR I Workplace Performance
WIAR I Workplace Performance
WIAR methode in de praktijk
WIAR methode in de praktijk
Preview Skyline Office Interior Blauwtulp Wealth Management
Preview Skyline Office Interior Blauwtulp Wealth Management
Workplace Performance Formula #1
Workplace Performance Formula #1
3D Movie | New Offices AXOFT IT & Telecom in Braingate Rotterdam
3D Movie | New Offices AXOFT IT & Telecom in Braingate Rotterdam

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