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Integrated Facility Services

Saving on facility services while maintaining quality


Years of experience


Quality Guarantee


Cost Reduction

The strength of

WIAR Facility Management


Our purchasing strength lies in independence from suppliers, allowing us to compare tenders and select the best option for your organisation.
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The facilities strategy is personalised and customised through co-creation.
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Because we have regular external quality checks, quality is guaranteed.
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We unburden ourselves by concluding the contracts with the realising parties whereby the risks are taken over.
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A team of experts

WIAR FM contains 15 years of experience in the field of Facility Management. In these 15 years, 49353+ workplaces have been optimised and transformed by our experts. The team of experts is very diverse, bringing together expertise from different fields of education to face the wide world of Facility Management. Here, strategic advice is offered for the best solutions to your obstacles and such advice is realised by the more practical side of our team. So you can expect our team to help you develop the entire innovation process from A to Z, organised according to your needs.

"We can unburden you as required and you keep control"

We understand you

A to-do list that adds up? Everyone knocking on your door at the same time? This is a recurring situation within Facility Management. Facility Management is a very broad field with process flows that can run alongside each other. Keeping an overview is crucial here. WIAR FM specialises in linking facilities with the needs of companies. Herein, the FM strategy is tailor-made to suit each company. In this, costs and quality are evaluated according to the possibilities and wishes of the company. In addition to ongoing tasks within the field, WIAR FM is focused on various trends where organisations are expected to shift gears at short notice such as return to work and sustainability.

Satisfied customers of our Facility Management

"They are guys of integrity"

Drs. Richard Laan

Manager Finance, ICT & Sales

Ricardo Nederland BV 

“Transparent costs and insights to all the information is very important to us. WIAR is a trustworthy and reliable partner”

Mrs. Hong Mei

Manager Sinochem Group

Getting to the bottom of it

"Great guys, they get it and really dive in"

Jan Pieter de Ruiter

Director AXOFT IT & Telecom


WIAR FM offers the opportunity to compare parties for your service or service.

WIAR FM has a high purchasing power as we are not tied to certain fixed suppliers. As a result, we take over the comparison process from you to select the most suitable party for your needs and requirements. Due to our experience, we can quickly switch between high quality and reliable suppliers allowing us to take over this often laborious and lengthy process from you. This will lead to strategic advice for the best fit between your requirement and the possibilities in the market.


In the WIAR FM approach, customisation is central. No company is completely the same. Differences emerge in the size, organic structure, culture, wishes and needs of the organisations. In doing so, it is important to adapt the services to the organisation, which means that each recommendation is largely made in consultation with the organisation. Here, it is important to include all levels of the organisation in the process. This co-creation process will result in an integral plan where everyone in the organisation feels heard.


Quality is pursued in all facets of WIAR FM. In this, there are several benchmarks to choose from within each work area. The most appropriate yardstick is discussed in consultation with you based on your level of ambition. This level of ambition is guaranteed by WIAR FM by fulfilling periodic quality controls based on the agreed KPIs (quality performance indicators) to continuously evaluate the services provided. These quality checks will be fulfilled by external parties. As a result, you can rest assured that quality will be maintained throughout the contract period.


Your facility issues are often not in line with your company's core business. Because of this, WIAR FM wants to relieve you of your worries by taking over the risks and responsibility of these services and maintaining direct contact with parties so that a quick switch will be made in case of any obstacles. Contracts with parties will run through us so that we ensure that the quality level is maintained. This allows you to focus on your main business processes and we will ensure that the facilities run without you having to worry about them.

Advantages of WIAR Facility Management


Doordat wij het totale pakket aan facilitaire dienstverlening op ons nemen wordt u ontzoBecause we take on the total package of facility services, you are relieved of all your worriesrgd


We take over the risks. This leaves you free to focus on your core business

Pleasant work environment

By ensuring service quality, we create a pleasant working environment

So what does that look like?

Full focus on your company's core business! Isn't that what everyone wants? This puts everyone fully in their power without having to think about the continuous flow of processes that lie outside the company's focus direction. Responsibility is outsourced and quality is assessed externally so the organisation experiences no pressure to supervise or control the parties. After all, quality is already guaranteed. Because an appropriate strategic plan to optimise facility services has been delivered in consultation with the various organisational levels, every employee in the organisation will noticeably feel the optimisation through increased convenience, reduced worries and a pleasant working environment.

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