Cofco INTL

Projectomschrijving    Design & Build Project COFCO International

Opdrachtgever    Cofco International Nederland BV

Rol WIAR    Huisvestingsadvies, Project- & Contract Management

Periode    Q2 - 2018

Omvang    1.500m2 vvo

Architect    WIAR Design & Concepts

    COFCO International is a global agri-business with a clear vision, strong values and a positive culture

With 12,000 people in 35 countries, COFCO International is the overseas agriculture business platform for COFCO Corporation, China's largest food and agriculture company.

In 2017, COFCO International handled over 100 million tonnes of related commodities with revenues of $34bn. The company is accelerating its growth to create a world-class integrated global agriculture supply chain, anchored in China and competing globally.

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