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Making strategic choices

To strive for an optimal 'work balance', it is not necessarily necessary to achieve the ultimate achievable for each workplace variable. The balance of the whole (people, work and work environment) is more important. The puzzle pieces must fit, the size of the puzzle does not matter.

This requires in-depth knowledge of these variables. What types of work can be distinguished? What influences do environmental factors and conditions have, such as light, sound, textures and ergonomics? What is inspiring and what distracts? How does the physical work environment work for multidisciplinary teams, where there are multiple experiences?

With knowledge of these workplace variables, the ideal balance for the given situation can be sought. Which ultimately leads to the design, realization and maintenance of the best possible solutions. Solutions that lead to an ideal work balance. It is our mission to find and realize the ideal balance for every customer that leads to higher performance in the workplace, or Workplace Performance.

      Everybody deserves an Inspiring Workplace     

Satisfied employees

Employee satisfaction has to do with many aspects and a good working environment plays a major role in recruiting, captivating and retaining talented employees. The most important aspects in the working environment often concern the extent to which the various own activities can be performed well and undisturbed. It is often also about sufficient capacity and quality of health and safety-compliant workplaces, the comfort and individual controllability of the indoor climate and good acoustics to prevent disruptions. Furthermore, a working environment with a pleasant atmosphere and a natural warm appearance makes a major contribution to the well-being of the employees. Of course, tasty coffee always scores very high in the online workplace surveys. An organisation-oriented work environment is an important HR instrument for creating preconditions for a vital learning organization.

Performance improvement

The budget of knowledge-intensive office companies consists of 60-80% of employee wage costs, while the overall accommodation costs often amount to around 3-5% of the budget.

The impact of an incorrect cut in accommodation, services and resources will disproportionately translate into the performance of your teams.

The facility euro can only be spent once, but practice shows that making targeted strategic choices for the working environment creates preconditions for employees to be able to work well (concentrate, collaborate, consult, grow and learn) and thus achieve exceptional results and significant benefits. achieve performance improvements.

Image & Identity

Housing is a permanent business card and a physical expression of your image for your customers. Both the office building and the interior strongly radiate the image of your brand. In addition, the design of the working environment also radiates the identity of the organization, so that employees will feel at home in the workplace. Consistency is the magic word, as a result of which your accommodation continuously communicates your success story without noticing.

  • Strengthens the image to the outside world
  • Identity supports corporate culture and brand values
  • Breathes a warm human working atmosphere with natural materials
  • Look & Feel consciously fits in with the development of the organisation

Smooth Workflow

The logistical support of the work processes of your teams requires a good analysis of the diversity of activities and the associated support facilities in order to be able to:

  • To concentrate
  • To collaborate
  • Discuss
  • Meet
  • Relaxed

Why do office companies choose WIAR?

Since 2005, WIAR Workplace Performance has assisted a large number of companies with the most diverse housing issues. These are reputable listed multinationals, SME+, but also charities.

Our customers appreciate the WIAR method:

  • 100% independent advice
  • Creative custom solutions
  • Fully transparent way of working together
  • Maximum purchasing power through multiple tenders
  • Full service Design & Build approach
  • Guarantee on the realization (fixed price, quality and planning)
Total Concept

“It's about a company like WIAR having the ability to paint a picture of the future: about how things can be done differently.

Their total concept appealed to us enormously.

Henk Loos

COO Nucletron


“Transparant costs and insights to all the information is very important to us.

WIAR is a trustworthy and reliable partner”

Mrs. Hong Mei 


Atlantic Resources

Full Service
"To expand our business we had to setup an office in Rotterdam and Brussels. WIAR was contracted by our head office for the design and execution of these new offices. The process was managed by us from Norway and they provided full service from beginning to end"
Jan Inge Hustveit

Principe Consultant

Statoil ASA

Fast & Successful

"Culture change and implementation of new work processes could not have been so fast and successful without the physical transformation of the work environment at the same time."

Trudy Zonneveld

General Manager

USG People Nederland

What do we help with during strategy development

Every organization is unique and requires an integral appreciative approach from the current situation to the desired destination. A good workplace strategy consists of a destination (Vision, Market, Mission) and a route to get there (Dreams, Plans, Actions and the Now).

Employee perspective

Putting employees first

Customer perspective

Increase Customer Satisfaction


Housing as an image carrier and marketing instrument

Increase Yields

Improve Productivity

Image & identity

Brand & Reputation

Work perspective

Collaborate and share knowledge

Internal work processes

Flexibility and Agility

Proces flows

New ways of Working

Financial perspective

Total Costs of Performance

Cost reduction

Investments & Exploitation

Working environment

Diversity & Efficient use of space

Internal development

Workplace transformation as transformation

The benefits of a good workplace strategy

Customized office workplace environment aimed at:

  • Future vision and development of the organization
  • Inspiring work environment where people like to be and work
  • Corporate image and identity
  • Good process flow, logistics and sufficient space for various functions
  • Diversity of work zones (meeting, collaborating, communicating and concentrating)
  • Sustainable & environmentally aware
  • Appropriate investment & operating costs

Curious about what a good workplace strategy can do for you?

We like to think along about the Performance of your workplace

The physical working environment is always customized and, under the right circumstances, provides preconditions for collaboration, interaction and excellent performance.

Contract Management Garantie

Wij garanderen met de Design/Build formule dat uw project voor een vaste prijs, op tijd én conform overeengekomen kwaliteit naar tevredenheid wordt opgeleverd.