ing. Robert Witvliet MSc MC

Managing Partner / Strategisch huisvestingsadviseur

Trusted Advisor for Workplace Performance and Transformation

With 30+ years of unparalleled experience in organisational development and workplace transformation, I am an expert in fostering inspiring, high-performance workplaces. These spaces champion the essential triple bottom line —people, planet, profit— and respond to modern-day demands and challenges.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Workplace strategy and change management

  • Organisational development and transformation

  • Office planning and comprehensive project management

  • Innovative workplace design and enhancing workplace experiences

  • Efficient procurement and contract management

  • Comprehensive managed workplaces and integrated services

My robust portfolio is a testament to my expertise, having successfully spearheaded projects for esteemed clients like DeltaFiber, Ricardo, KWF, BT Group, DVB Bank, Elekta Nucletron, Delta Lloyd, and the Ministry of Agriculture. I am also a proud member of the Project Management Institute and the Dutch Association of Management Consultants and Organisational Experts.

Delving Deeper: What I Bring to the Table

Workplace Strategy & Change Management: I provide organisations with the tools to craft and execute workplace strategies that mirror their overarching business aims. More importantly, I guide them through change, ensuring teams are well-equipped to adapt and thrive.

Organisational Development & Transformation: My approach enhances employee engagement, bolsters productivity, and uplifts overall well-being. I champion the creation of inclusive, sustainable workplace cultures that are ready for the future.

Office Planning & Project Management: From the initial spark of an idea to the final move-in, I manage every detail. The resultant workplace isn't just about aesthetics; it's tailored to both employees' and organisational needs, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising on inspiration.

Workplace Design & Experience: Spaces I design prioritise collaboration, creativity, and productivity, fostering a positive, impactful workplace experience for all.

Procurement & Contract Management: I streamline the procurement process, ensuring optimal value for expenditure while maintaining transparent and equitable contracts.

Managed Workplaces & Integrated Services: My holistic solutions encompass everything from facility management to IT support, ensuring workplaces operate smoothly.

Why Partner with Me?

As a trusted advisor, my expertise isn't just in crafting spaces—it's about understanding the broader context, the evolving workplace trends, and the nuanced requirements of modern organisations. My passion lies in creating spaces where individuals flourish, innovation thrives, and high-performance teams prosper. Everyone deserves an exceptional workplace, and my mission is to make this vision a reality for my clients.

Let's Shape the Future, Together

If you want to redefine your workplace, elevate performance, or undertake a transformative journey, I'm here to assist. My tailored solutions encompass:

  • Strategic workplace development & implementation

  • Comprehensive organisational transformation initiatives

  • End-to-end office planning and project management

  • Workplace design and experience consultancy

  • Procurement and management of workplace services

  • Managed workplace solutions & integrated services

I'm eager to understand your unique requirements and explore how to collaborate for success. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.

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