CSR Strategy

Impacting our Total Supply Chain

WIAR Workplace Performance has the ambition to work towards a complete and transparent sustainability report, which will help us to contribute to lower our environmental impacts of our business and the real estate & total facility management supply chain of our projects, products and services. It’s our desire to concentrate our efforts on elements where we can positively encourage and influence participants in the supply chain. Our efforts are focused on performance, sustainability, cradle to cradle concepts, total costs of ownership and the reduction of the use of energy, water and environmental emissions.

We are working within WIAR with an integrated group of specialized companies WIAR Human Resource Management BV, WIAR Project Management BV, WIAR Contract Management BV and WIAR Facility Management BV towards expanding sustainability reporting on topics that are important to our stakeholders. Herewith we invite our stakeholders to participate in this process. It is important for us to look for long-term partnerships and alliances on sustainability efforts in order to utilize each other’s strengths and realize significant impact in our value chain from development, design, build & maintain. This is our CSR report 2019 and we strive towards an annual report that is in conformance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 B level. We recognize that in order to achieve that performance level we have to improve our measurement & reporting on sustainability topics to conduct and provide expanded disclosure. We see this as one way of communicating the yearly progress against our sustainability goals and key performance indicators. 

We are proud of the efforts that we put in by realizing a yearly formal CSR report. We believe that we can make difference for the better by sharing our efforts and learnings on sustainable practices. On the other hand, we hope to get feedback from our stakeholders on our topics in order to learn where we can improve in our practices. For us, making progress is a journey towards a more sustainable society and a better place to live and work. We thank you for your interest in the efforts of WIAR and appreciate you taking the time to review this report. We invite you to share your thoughts with us. We believe that together we can inspire people, refresh our environment and create value to make a positive change, because we believe that everybody deserves an inspiring workplace.

With Kind Regards,

WIAR Workplace Performance

Ing. R. (Robert) Witvliet Msc MC             Mr. A.F.M. (André) Roessen

Managing Director                                  Managing Director

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