ProjectomschrijvingMeeting & Innovation Centre 40th Floor North Wing
OpdrachtgeverDVB BANK SE
Rol WIARConcept Development & Interior Design
PeriodeQ2-2013 - Q4-2014
Omvang750 m2 vvo
ArchitectWIAR | Design & Concepts
Project fotoDVB Bank SE is housed at the 35-40 floor at the Platz der Republik 6 in Frankfurt. The North wing of the 40th floor consists one boardroom, 2 meetingrooms, a storage room and also some office space & bistro area. The configuration of space, management & organisation of the current traditional meetingspace is out of date and has some deficiencies regarding image & identity, capacity, multipurpose usage, dedicated functions, equipment and the possibilities to use this area in serveral settings. DVB has developed a interior designplan for the space with WIAR and has formed a integrated team to design and build this project.

The North Wing should be tailored to support the organizational processes and enhance the image & identity aligned with the latest interior design of DVB Bank SE in the WTC Offices Schiphol by WIAR. The new environment with a multipurpose bistro area, meeting- & innovation centre shall have positive impact in the performance of meeting people & collaboration in groups to stimulate communication, capture creative idea’s, open learning and making descions much easier & faster. The diversity (capacity, function, plug & play settings) of serveral dedicated spaces shall support internal processes, enhance image & identity & saves a lot of staff time.

To make this project for DVB Bank successful and the delivery of the project according to quality expectations, on time and within budget, several processes has to be managed in the alignment of organisation & housing (building, infrastructure, inventory and facility services). The physical adjustments, implementation and delivery of the project should be performed in relation to the renovation of the climate installations & fire protection adjustments. DVB Bank contracted WIAR Project Management BV to provide the necessary management attention, specific expertise and purchasing power to ensure the projects success and outcomes that contributes to the expected overall performance improvements.

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