ProjectomschrijvingReal Estate & Interior Design
OpdrachtgeverInternational Justice Mission
Rol WIARTrusted Advisor Real Estate & Facilty Management
Omvangca. 25 Workplaces
ArchitectWIAR Design & Concepts
Project fotoDe stichting International Justice Mission (IJM) heeft via vrijwilliger Bryan Allen Smith III aan WIAR Workplace Performance gevraagd om een oplossing te zoeken voor de huisvesting. De Stichting International Justice Mission Nederland zocht een kantoor dichtbij de politieke en rechtelijke macht om snel te kunnen schakelen bij de missies die IJM NL uitvoert in de Wereld. WIAR heeft zich als bedrijfssponsor ingezet om op basis van een specifiek zoekprofiel een goede huisvesting voor IJM te vinden. Op basis van de goede contacten van WIAR met de Stichting Terre des hommes is een mooie werkplek gevonden in de Zoutmanstraat 42/44 2518 GS Den Haag.

About International Justice Mission
In the developing world, violence is an everyday threat. Globally, four billion people live outside the protection of the law United Nations Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor. Impoverished children and families are uniquely vulnerable to everyday violence because their justice systems—police, courts and laws—do not protect them from violent people. While their wealthier neighbors can pay for security guards, high walls and safe homes, the poor cannot. They live with a constant threat of being raped, robbed, assaulted or exploited. The risk of violence is a part of their every day.

We fight everyday violence against the poor:

We believe everyone deserves to be safe.

We don’t stop at rescuing people who have been abused—our
ultimate goal is to prevent the violence from happening in the first place.
All of our work is designed to drive long-term transformation that will make
the poor safe enough to thrive.

Rescue Victims
We find people who need rescue, and then
partner with local law enforcement to bring
them to safety.

Bring Criminals To Justice
We relentlessly pursue justice in court. We ensure that
traffickers, slave owners, rapists and other criminals who
prey on the poor go to jail so they cannot abuse, exploit
or enslave others.

Restore Survivors
We help survivors of violence rebuild their lives by
providing trauma therapy and ensuring survivors
can return to school or find a job that gives dignity.

Strengthen Justice Systems
We provide training and support to police, judges,
prosecutors and other authorities. We advocate for
reforms that will keep the poor.
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