Organisations get to deal with housing issues approximately every 7 to 10 years. Are you going to choose for a different location in case the organisation is increasing or do you choose for the renovation of the existing building? WIAR handles these issues daily. We understand changing organisations and are specialized in managing the interfaces regarding housing. As no other we know the value and the importance of good housing and which impact this will have on your organisation and employees.

There are many decision moments when different departments within your organisation get to deal with housing issues. These decisions must be taken integral and the different responsibilities will cross each other. The way this works, can often have a significant impact on the ultimate success of the project.

The strength of WIAR is managing all the interfaces. The wishes and ideas of the actors will be combined with the vision, identity and objectives of the organisation.

Do you want to be maximal involved with the project? Would you like to be aware of all the details or only headlines? As customer you have the most influence.

Why customers choose WIAR?

When you choose to do business with WIAR, you choose for guaranteed results:

• Surprisingly creative solutions
• Complete independence
• Cover risks
• One contact for the entire project
• Sharp purchasing of the right products
• Guaranteed savings of operating costs
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