Managing Partners of WIAR Workplace Performance:
  • ing. R. (Robert) Witvliet MScMC is Managing Partner / Founder of the WIAR | Workplace Performance. He graduated from RSM Erasmus University, Business Administration - Master of Science in Management Consultancy. He is electrical engineer of origin (Energy & Automation) and has evolved over the past 22 years as a consultant and change manager specializing in providing integrated solutions at the interface of organizational development & workplace transformation. The performance of your organization depends on many factors and requires a broad comprehensive view of the entire system (people, work and work environment), with opportunities often arise at the interfaces between them. Robert Witvliet as "integrator and innovator" is able to look beyond boundaries of different disciplines and develops in close cooperation with customers new insights and creative solutions to which the organization can actually achieve significant positive improvements in business performance.
  • A.F.M. (AndrĂ©) Roessen is Managing Partner / Founder of WIAR | Workplace Performance. He is educated as furniture designer at the Design Academy and the HMC. Andre started his career as a designer and organizer of global events and exhibitions all over the world. From 2001 he is an entrepreneur responsible for the design and construction of full-service office fit-out plans. Andre Roessen has sharp analytical skills to advise clients to clearify smart decisions about the value of targeted cost savings and / or benefits of investments in the workplace environment.
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