WIAR | Mission & Vision

Everybody deserves an Inspiring Workplace

Our Mission "We believe that everybody deserves an inspiring workplace to fulfil their greatest potential”.


Do you know that many professionally designed workplaces actually reduce performance? That's because there is a vital missing link which we discovered after 20 years of working with major corporates. At WIAR Workplace Performance, we took a radical approach by integrating Organizational Development & Workplace Transformation.

Our major focus is to develop inspiring workplaces that directly benefits your staff. Additionally our unique integrated approach improve performance, increase clients incomes whilst reducing costs by half, but more importantly also increasing employee happinez. Since 2005 we have already helped over 100 organizations to develop, design, build and maintain these dynamic high performance workspaces.

Our vision
We see the workplace transformation as the ideal time to let go of poor workplace design and start building an inspiring workplace that truly gets the best out of your people and contributes to the performance of your organization. To help you start developing the ideal workplace in an early stage, we are dedicated to help you creating a clear workplace strategy.

WIAR offers its customers attractive and original solutions at the interface between Organisational Development and Workplace Transformation linked by Innovative Office layouts together with related cost estimates and time schedules). We always seek for several potential scenarios to make the decision making processes easy for all stakeholders.

We achieve this by offering innovative ideas, concepts and pragmatic solutions to increase value in the fields of Human Capital Development, Brand Development, Enhancing Proces Flows and Reduction of Workplace Costs at the same time. And we also make use of an integrated approach, purchasing and our expertise. Moreover, we work together in a network of strategic partners.

We want to be known as one of the most dynamic and sustainable servicers at the interface between organization and housing in Europe. We want to accomplish this by responding to the needs of our customers, employees, partners and the communities where we operate and want to exceed their expectations.
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