Corporate Social Responsibitly

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means for WIAR that in taking business decisions, balance is struck between economic, social and environmental aspects. Hereby it is running particularly about the setting of the organisation. Only a voluntary and proactive attitude of everyone within our organisation ensures that CSR actually becomes a part of the business.

CSR is an important theme in the solutions of housing issues which WIAR offers her clients. First of all in the way we work, at the other hand in the way we advise our clients how they can be housed. We are actively seeking new and better ways to reduce the impact on the environment of an organisation. This could be by building CO2 neutral, applications with heat and cold storage and use of sustainable and innovative materials.

Another way to contribute CSR is for example the leading workplace design concepts. Flex working and other innovative methods through which traffic jams can be avoided and the effectiveness of the organisation will be maintained. Through this both job satisfaction and the productivity will improve.
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