Contract Management

An eye for detail

WIAR Contract Management is responsible for the procurement and realization of the desired Office Fit-Out plans, as in the construction specifications and calculation drawing sets. The construction manager controls and monitors your project pro-active in the execution as a chief inspector.

The construction manager monitors the objectives and constraints to ensures that the project is delivered in line with expectations of our clients. Thereafter the construction manager will transfer your project carefully to the management organization with clear revision papers, service contracts and maintenance requirements.

The traditional form of architect vs. contractor is outdated and therefore WIAR uses an integrated Contract Management approach for building, rebuilding and / or renovation. From the beginning of the design there is interaction between the client, consultant, architect and construction manager. Through this interaction bottlenecks can be efficiently solved in a early stadium.

• Contract sum and provisional sums;
• Finalised calculation;
• Risk budget 10% - 14%;
• Purchasing benefits for contractor;
• 5% additional scope of works arrangement;
• No control on execution of the works;
• Uncertain quality control due to sub contractors choices.

• Within budget;
• Transperant cost review;
• Risk budget 8% - 12%;
• Margins made on procurement will become the benefit of the customer;
• Additional works to be confirmed (in advance);
• Strict planning control;
• Agreed quality control on procurement with vendors allocated per project.
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