NEN 2580 Measurement

Using the NEN 2580 WIAR Project Management provides unique areas and contents of buildings. An ISO 2580 measurement certificate provides exact insight into the gross floor area (GFA) and lettable floor space (VVO) of all types of buildings.

A NEN 2580 measurement certificate gives certainty in buying or renting a real estate, but the measurement also gives insight in to the following:
  • The valuation;
  • The lease provision;
  • A rent review;
  • The assigning of common areas in a multi-tenancy situation;
  • Property issues regarding tax settlements concerning the use of spaces;
  • Efficiency analysis based on floor space allocation.
In addition, this standard makes it possible to determine and compare cost ratios that significant savings can be made.

We use the following method:
  • Inventory of existing information;
  • If there is uncertainty about the size and / or layout of the building WIAR | Project Management will measure the building;
  • Obtained information will be used in the creation of drawings that give insight into the divisions of the areas within the building;
  • The measured values are processed in the quantity survey in which the calculated value becomes clear. The total net and gross areas are defined in the quantity survey;
  • Finally, the test certificate will be provided.
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