Project Plan Relocation

A housing issue in your organization could lead to consider renovation, rebuilding or new construction. If this decision is taken, a (re) housing process will be started. To assure that the housing process will be performed as structured and efficiently as possible, at the start it is essential to record these issues of the housing project in a unique project plan.

The aim of the project plan is to provide clarity to everyone involved, directly or indirectly, internally or externally, regarding the overall process and the role and contribution of the various parties. The document also contributes to a phased and integrated control of the aspects of time, money, quality, information and organization during the process (see Figure 1). The project plan is necessary to a proper and efficient implementation of the project.

Through a couple of meetings with the client the project plan will be established. When these meetings are completed WIAR will make a draft for the project.
After receiving feedback to the draft the necessary adjustments will be made to finalize the Plan of Action. After the document is finalized it can be distributed to all parties involved in the housing project.

The project plan is also a very useful tool to use for the kick off to create support with the involved parties.
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