Escape Plan

Maps showing the escape routes and fire symbols are necessary for a rapid escape in emergency cases. WIAR has developed a method for adding standardized symbols to add to existing drawings.

The evacuation is part of the emergency response plan. Since 1994, an emergency response plan is required in every company. An evacuation plan for buildings should be established with Art. 6.1.1, Art. 15 and, Art. 2.17. For this reason, an evacuation plan has to be reviewed by the fire department, but also, in conjunction with the emergency services, the Labor Inspectorate.

The purpose of an escape plan to give insight for employees and visitors how they must leave the building in case of an emergency.

We provide on the basis of your submitted layout drawings, the escape plans of your office showing the following:
  • Indications of the escape, including "You are here" indicator;
  • All fire prevention topics, such as fire extinguishers, hose reels and manual detectors;
  • Evacuation text: This text contains a compact and clear instruction with the most essential information for an emergency or accident.
All drawings will be submitted in a draft form and after your comments processed into the final version.

We will design, draw and print the escape plan in color. We provide them in an aluminum snap frame.
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