Image & Identity Research

The purpose of an image & identity research is to map the gap between the current and the desired image and identity. Based on this research there will be given recommendations to correct the detected deviations.

Why should you do an Image & Identity Research?
A strong image increases the value of your company brand and a consistent translation of the identity strengthens the internal cohesion of the staff and easily attract scarce talent from the labour market, etc.

We will proceed according to the following steps:
  • Determine test audiences. This could include customers, employees, stakeholders, etc.
  • Determination of research methods. It is recommended, in addition to quantitative methods (such as online or telephone survey), a number of in-depth interviews among the target group. This method is ideally suited to the output of quantitative analysis (what scores good and what scores badly) to provide concrete recommendations. Through the results effective improvements can be formulated;
  • Determine benchmarks (eg figures Building Business Reputation Monitor);
  • Identify desired identity in favor of a business plan, information- & communication plan, previous studies and / or output thematic sessions;
  • Investigate perceived internal identity (among employees);
  • Investigate perceived external image (eg to customers and stakeholders);
  • Define action plan for each target group;
  • Monitor and evaluate image & identity:
- Adjustment on research
- The impact of your actions are visible
- Achieving communication goals.

This image & identity research requires the cooperation of the client organization.

Reporting in which the image and identity of your organization is clearly mapped and based on conclusions and recommendations concrete improvement proposals have been expressed.
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