Relocation Management

How to guide an entire organization efficiently to a new location or how to guide a internal movement? The managers from WIAR have the expertise and years of experience to manage this process to the wishes of the client.

Experience has shown that several things can go wrong, for example:
  • The building is not ready when moving;
  • The rent of the old building is terminated on the same date as the relocation date;
  • Non up-to-date workforce available in the personnel department;
  • In the planning is not enough time reserved for building the new furniture;
  • The work of the IT department do not fit the schedule;
  • Points for aftercare remain too long.

Before the move can start, there will be edited a relocation plan. This description of a result to be achieved with the associated assumptions and preconditions. In the relocation plan, the roles and responsibilities of the parties will be described.

The relocation plan gives a clear view of the entire relocation project for the client ,so there can be monitored the whole process. The relocation plan is supported by an overall facility plan, in which all actions for the various areas that should be performed to achieve a successful move.

The structure is established, the following parts are identified and developed so that everyone and everything is ready on time when the move is launched:
  • Where to start and who is going where, the FROMTO list will be established and maintained;
  • Drawings of the current situation and the new situation at workplace level;
  • Carry out various surveys for things to move such as furniture, plants, ICT equipment, etc.;
  • Mapping of the required logistics;
  • Procurement of a moving company;
  • Providing facility services during the move;
  • Creating a script for all parties involved in the move;
  • A good internal and external communication, usually in collaboration with the Department of Communications from the moving organization;
  • Facilitating a smooth transition.
To notify the employees regarding the move activities before, during and after the relocation there will be formulated a relocation manual. In the manual everything is fully described what is expected from the employees during the relocation.

During the whole process there will be collaborated with the facilities department. WIAR can also offer support of facility services, such as supervising procurement processes, coordinating supplies new location, creating layouts and escape plans.
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